Sunday, June 29, 2014

half year mark

Dear Sumire,

Here goes half a year. This half a year has been tiring, and filled with loads of medical leave. My goodness the headache and fever, and whatsoever whatsnot.

And my gosh. I have not completed a single thing!


  • Even if you are sick, work it up!
  • Just work it out!
  • You gotta make those vids goddamnit!
Alright, signing off

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Dear Sumire

A few days ago, I turned 26. I was so happy that my darling was took a day off  just to do nothing with me. We went to the mall, had lunch, catch a movie. It was a bliss. I was enlightened in her company. I love her, so much. And I want to thank her so much for putting up with all my ridiculous mood swings. I was never a good partner to be with. But she stayed by my side anyway. She stayed by my side, peeping and observing me through the years. :-)

My love. She won't let me take her pictures. Must be my skill's problems.

At night, my sister hollered at me. We met for dinner and after that we tasted the worst dessert ever. It was all worth the laugh. Funny how much we paid to torture ourselves!

The silliest silly sister you can ever get.

You don't know how sick you made me.
Sometimes its in these simple stuffs I find myself lost in my own laughter. Where everything else just fell behind, drifting away.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Dear Sumire,

I haven't, posted anything here for a while now. So here's a repost from our Breathing Pictures Official Blog. :-)

Hello Breathers!
2 months ago, we released a horror short film 'Chloe'. The main reason we made the film is actually as a testing ground: as to how much time we need to make a short film of approximately 15-20 mins of time.
Dominic as Sam. Dominic have to travel back and forth from JB to Melaka on weekends to help out with this film.
Appreciated the time and effort to help out!

The writing began much earlier, but it wasn't until 2 weeks before shooting I made a massive rewrite! Imagine a family drama rewritten into a horror film. That precisely what we did.
We then start our recruiting process. And lucky we are, my good cousin Dominic and Janice offered to help out. With the actor & actress set, our remaining problem would be the make-up artist. I contacted my junior from secondary school, Celina and almost immediately, she agreed to help us out with the make up. At the last minute, my cousin Janice have to drop out due to the courses she need to attend.
Celina applying the scar make-up effects on Dominic's face.

We started panicking big time. Then Eunice called up one of her friend and she agreed to help out. Dominic, Celina and Chiew Lian are such big help! Without them, this short film will never see the light of day!
Chiew Lian is currently preparing for her STPM examination.
Thanks for helping us out even with your super duper tight schedule!

Filming took a total of 5 days over the course of 3 weeks. Not everything went smoothly. I broke my LED lights due to my carelessness. Many people help us out with this mini-production. That includes some old friends of mine, and my family members.
Our group photo during an outdoor scene.
It was a great experience shooting with friends and family. I appreciate all the support! After the shooting was over, my nightmare begun. I have more than 200 footage to go through. Syncing the audio, color adjustment, and not to mention the extremely long video export and upload!
Trust me when I say the video export process took more than 6 hours.
Well, all the hardwork is over and I hereby present you:

Enjoy the show,
Breathing Pictures Production
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Malaysians,

I read a comment somewhere on Facebook that Gandhi fought 32 years for democracy,
Nelson Mandela imprisoned for 27 years for battling apartheid, and Malaysia's battle is only 10 years so it's still young.

She suggested we do not paint our profile picture black and stop whining.

My current profile picture

Gandhi is sort of like an idol to me. I learned from his battle that democracy doesn't happen overnight, democracy is a journey. I know that is true. But we called our beloved Malaysia a democratic country for 55 years already. We cant even call ourself a 'young' democratic country any more!

Malaysia is all grown up. That's the reason why 80% registered voters showed up to vote. And it almost feels like we cast our votes to be ignored.

I'm proud that so many young people shares the same passion, they came back from from wherever they are to practice their rights to vote. But in the end, it was all for show. The entire polling station is just a stage, and we are merely actors on it.

For that reason alone, we are not whining. We are mourning.
This is not about which party you support, it's about the death of our democracy system.

The black pictures is merely a statement. It is a part of the fight. The fight has not ended yet. We will not wait until there's only months left before election. The fight was continuous from the point our election process and poll counting sessions were compromised.

And the truth is, the government is underestimating us the Rakyat. They downplay our rights to choose our own leaders. They downplay the democracy concept that made Malaysia a truly blissful place to life in.

“These are the six ways of courting defeat – neglect to estimate the enemy’s strength; want of authority; defective training; unjustifiable anger; nonobservance of discipline; failure to use picked men . . . ” Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Ch. X.


Monday, January 7, 2013


Dear Sumire,

My resolution this year? Just 5.

1. Be a better person.
... because as a person, I sucks. Made my family worried all the times. Got to go back to my family more often. Drop more phone calls to my mum.

2. Start a YouTube channel and make more vids!
... I think I should experiment with whatever resources I have. Gotta say, I wanna make my dreams comes true. Can't let it stay a dream like forever. I still think this is far from reality though.

3. Take whatever shit people throw at me.
... That's for growth. I don't want to whine and get stuck in the same place forever. I'll take whatever shit people throw at me, and make fertilizers out of it.

4. Planning.
I really gotta learn how to plan. Because heck, I can't plan. ;-P

5. Work.
Minus the time for family and friends, I'll put all my energy into this. I want to learn as much as possible and rise and rose and bloom. Whatever that means.

2013. Please be good to me. (Quoting +Eunice Wang)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the abduction short film

Dear Sumire,

Few weeks ago, I helped my sister and her friends with their video assignment. I co-write the story, and guess what? This time I get to play the HERO! I mean not the hero but... Urgh. Lets not give out the spoiler. This is the second time I'd acted. The first time I was a kelefeh in Fist of Dragon.

It's only a 8 minutes film, so please check it out!

That's my eye in their Poster! =.=

If you're a critic, please help us out. Give us as much comments as possible because me and my sister +Eunice Wang  are planning to make another short film soon! We need all the comment we can get in order to improve. For the new short, currently we're still in development stage. I'm still writing the script. I hoped to speed things up and shoot it sometime next month. But for now, please enjoy: The Abduction.

We all did our best and this is the final product!

Hope to update this blog again soon.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Dear Sumire,

I don't understand what you're trying to tell me. Please don't hint me with underlying messages. I don't understand.

Perhaps I don't want to understand.

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